Terms of Service

Created: 7 February 2024, 03:49:20 UTC
Last updated: 19 March 2024, 11:36:34 UTC


Please note that this Terms of Service encompasses all platforms that Wermz are present on, including but not limited to Toyhouse, Discord, Deviantart and pages found on Chicken Smoothie. By using or accessing this website you agree to adhere to and be bound by the terms set forth on this page. Failure to abide by these terms (or any of the additional rule material found within) may result in a user receiving a warning or ban from some or all affiliated sites. If you do not agree with any of the below Terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing any part of this site or adjacent web spaces. 

These terms are subject to change without further notice. (19/03/2024)



  • “User(s)”, “The User”, “You,” refers to each individual who accesses wermzrpg.com or adjacent web spaces.
  • WERMZ (Also: “We”, “Our”, “Us”, or “Staff”) refers to the group of individuals responsible for operating and maintaining wermzrpg.com and all of its features and adjacent web spaces. “Admin(s)” refer specifically to Dogtreat and 0blivion. “Webmaster” refers specifically to Dogtreat.
  • “Wermz” (lowercase) refers to the species and the game both as owned by WERMZ.
  • “The Website” (“Site”) refers to all pages available on wermzrpg.com, and “adjacent web spaces” refers to all social media or community hubs run in an official capacity by Staff in association with WERMZ.
  • “Service” refers to all services, features and functions provided by the website and adjacent web spaces.
  • “Content” refers to any images, videos, files, artwork, writing, animations or other types of media present on this website.
  • “Terms”, “Terms of Service”, or “TOS”, refers to this document, the Terms of Service. 



This Service is offered and made available only to users meeting the minimum legal age to provide their own consent to data processing, collection, and use (eg., at least 13 years of age in the US and at least 13 to 16 years of age in the EU, depending on country). If you do not meet the minimum legal age, please discontinue using the Service immediately, or if for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms contained in this Agreement, please discontinue using the Service immediately. 

By using or attempting to use the Service, you certify that you are at least the minimum age and meet any other eligibility requirements of the Service. If you are discovered to be under the minimum age, your account may be terminated without notice.

If you are under 16 years of age, regardless of location, you must have consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to access this website. It is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian to monitor their child’s use of wermzrpg.com.

The Staff strives to make sure this is a safe place for children. However, staff cannot always control the content produced or published by its users. If you are a parent or legal guardian who has concerns about your child accessing this website or any content displayed on this website, please contact us.

Content displayed on this site may include the following:

  • Fantasy violence
  • Mild blood
  • Mild suggestive themes
  • Simulated gambling with virtual currency (unpurchasable for real currency)
  • Infrequent use of strong language



  1. You agree to provide accurate information upon registration. This includes your own valid email address, and your own legal date of birth. This information must remain accurate, and must be updated if your circumstances change.
  2. It is the User’s responsibility to create a strong login name and password, and to keep their login and password secure from the knowledge of others.
  3. You agree to register a maximum of one (1) account per individual User.
    1. In the circumstance that a User is permanently banned, that banned account counts towards the User’s maximum of one account per individual User. 
  4. Your privilege to use the website is non-transferable. Your account may not be given away or sold to another user or person.  
  5. You are prohibited from sharing your wermzrpg account with another person(s) at any time. Users sharing the same device or residing in the same household should inform the WERMZ team in order to avoid any infringements against their account.
  6. You are solely responsible for and liable for all activity conducted through your account. If you become aware of or reasonably suspect any security breach, including any loss, theft, or unauthorised disclosure of your password, you must immediately report the activity or suspected activity breach by contacting us.
  7. The sale or trade of in-game items for monetary currency, cryptocurrency, barter, or otherwise tangible items or currency is prohibited. Wermz in-game items can be sold or traded for virtual currency, items, or characters from other websites or services; providing those websites or services allow such transactions. In-game items from wermz can be exchanged for other wermz in-game items, wermz virtual currency, or wermz characters. In-game items and currency may also be exchanged for artwork and/or commissions of non-wermz characters, excluding customs or adopts that a user would typically have to pay for.
  8. All inquiries regarding account status; such as account termination, account status, or similar, must be conducted through our Contact Us page and not discussed publicly on the site or any adjacent web spaces.
  9. WERMZ staff reserves the right to terminate, ban, or suspend any user who breaches the terms of service, including those found on related rules pages.
  10. All items, virtual currency, companions, free-to-obtain characters, and rewards are considered a limited licence for you to use while your account is open. Due to the limitations of this licence, in the event that your account is terminated or banned, the entire inventory and all virtual currency associated with your account is considered forfeit, and you are not liable to receive compensation for any losses.



  1. The exploitation of any glitches, loopholes or bugs is not permitted. If a glitch, loophole, or bug is discovered by you, it must not be disclosed publicly and immediately reported to Staff.
  2. The use of any bots, scripts, auto-refreshers, or third party software designed or intended to exploit the services, or otherwise give you an unfair advantage, is not permitted.
  3. The use of any bots, scripts, or third party software that shortcut or alter site functions to appear or run in a way that are not attended by site design is not permitted
  4. The use of bots, scripts, or third party software or services that generate a large amount of concurrent connections or potentially damage site stability are not permitted. This can be anything from browser functions, addons, extensions or apps. All such incidents will be reviewed thoroughly and may result in account termination.
  5. An exception to the above rule for third party apps or services, is accessibility-related applications designed to increase legibility of the site. For example: changing color display, text size, or font is okay; as are any screen-readers or other accessibility applications. Additionally, user-end CSS changes for aesthetic purposes are allowed if those changes made effect exclusively colours, fonts, or font sizes.
  6. Any account that is discovered to be submitting or linking to websites displaying or providing harmful or unlawful content will be terminated without notice.



This Service is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis and WERMZ reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Service, in its sole discretion, at any time and without notice, without any compensation, monetary or otherwise, to users who have signed up for the Service. You agree that WERMZ is not liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Service. In the event of website closure or removal, you are still bound by these Terms. Please view our OWNERSHIP, TRADE, RESALE page for information regarding character ownership in the case of a discontinuation of services.



Owning a Wermz character or design requires you to read and agree to the Ownership, Trade and Resale page.

By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you also agree that you have read and agreed to the linked page.



A user must follow all our Community Guidelines.

  1. This website, its services, and our adjacent web spaces, may not be used for any unlawful purpose. The posting, sharing, distribution, or promotion of any illegal content is forbidden.
  2. Posting, sharing, distributing, promoting, uploading, or submitting any content that would be disruptive or cause harm to the site and/or services is not permitted.
  3. Sensitive or private information about you or other users should not be posted or shared anywhere on the site and/or on our adjacent web spaces.
  4. Harassment of other users is forbidden. Abusive, threatening or otherwise offensive language towards individuals or groups; or spamming or directing others to do so, is not permitted.
  5. Pornography, highly suggestive, fetish, heavy gore, or otherwise explicit (“NSFW”) content is prohibited and any submissions or posts containing such content will be declined and the users account may be terminated. This includes both written and/or visual works.
  6. All restrictions placed on characters, items, currencies, or services must be followed without exception. Not all characters, items, currencies or services can be freely traded, sold, or exchanged. 
  7. When conducting a transaction, trade or transfer that deals with real life currency; such as re-selling a paid for character; that character must be originally marked as eligible for sale and the sale price cannot exceed the listed sale price.
  8. All transactions, transfers and trades are done at the discretion of and at the user’s own risk. Staff is not obligated to reimburse or compensate you in the event another does not provide an agreed upon payment or exchange. Any trade, transaction or transfer done between two or more users is the sole responsibility of those users. 
  9. In-game item or character lending or co-ownership is not a supported transaction and is done entirely at a user’s own risk. To avoid fraudulent trades, proceed through the correct trade channels. 
  10. WERMZ is not responsible for any user voluntarily providing their personal information to other users. We do not control and we do not accept responsibility for how another user may use or manage your voluntarily provided data. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they participate in safe internet practices and be mindful of the information they share with others or the public through our site, services, or adjacent web spaces.



  1. Staff does not monitor content displayed on individual user pages, and is not liable for user-submitted content that is unlawful or breaks our Terms. Any user-submitted content that breaks our Terms should be reported to Staff for modification, removal, and potential disciplinary action.
  2. Staff does not review all links present on the site and is not liable for content of third party websites linked on wermzrpg.com
  3. Any content displayed or submitted that is found by Staff to be offensive, harmful, abusive, defamatory, discriminatory, harassment, unlawful, or in breach of another user’s privacy may be removed without warning and result in the offending user's account being terminated. 
  4. All content provided by or on this website, adjacent web spaces, or by any of our services, belongs to WERMZ; this includes images, text, templates, videos, logos, and relevant names unless otherwise stated
  5. All content provided by or on this website, adjacent web spaces, or for use by any of our services belongs solely to WERMZ and cannot be distributed, copied, modified, exploited, or have derivative works made unless otherwise explicitly stated by Admins.
  6. All content displayed or posted to the site is by the discretion and permission of the Staff. When submitting any image, design, artwork or writing made by you, you give consent for Staff to display, crop, resize, edit, or link the work you submit. Staff will never profit off of any user-submitted content unless otherwise stated in specific terms and contracts.
  7. Users retain ownership over any content they submit unless otherwise stated by these terms.
  8. By submitting content to this website, you have ensured you have permission to use that content and that the use of or display of that content will not harm or infringe upon the rights of any individual or third party. 
  9. Artwork or content generated by AI are not allowed to be submitted or displayed on the site in any manner.
  10. Artwork created using premade bases is only allowed to be submitted to the site if the base was created for use by the wermz community, or has stipulations by its original hoster as being allowed to be hosted off the original hosting site.
  11. Any content displayed on wermzrpg.com may be removed at any time and without notice.
  12. When transferring or trading a character or design, you are transferring the rights of ownership of the character or design; you are consenting to transfer the whole design, not only its “werm version”.
  13. In the event you discover your content has been used, displayed, or plagiarised by a user without your permission please Contact Us and we may be able to remove the offending content.



WERMZ has not reviewed all links present on the site and holds no responsibility for what content linked websites may contain. We do not endorse any content found via links present on the site and use or viewing of these links is done at the user’s own discretion. 



  1. All content displayed on the website, services, or adjacent web spaces belongs to WERMZ, including images, text, videos, templates, NPCs, logos, specific characters and their names. WERMZ retains the copyright to all content on wermzrpg.com unless stated otherwise.
  2. WERMZ holds copyright over the wermz species, world, and lore, and when you create any content involving our species or IPs, you are bound by our ownership terms and TOS. 
  3. Users are not permitted to distribute, modify, copy, use, exploit, or make derivative works from any content displayed on or created for wermzrpg.com, except as explicitly permitted by the Staff.
  4. AI image generators and/or image scrapers may not use any content found or hosted on wermzrpg.com.
  5. Any user working under the wermz IP has a right to display any wermz related artwork in their own personal galleries and use that artwork for promotional purposes or portfolios.
  6. WERMZ does not claim copyright over user-submitted content.
  7. WERMZ does not claim copyright over the framework of the website. We use the free and open-source framework Lorekeeper (https://github.com/corowne/lorekeeper); as well as additional extensions made by various lorekeeper staff and members.



You agree to indemnify, save, and hold Wermz, its affiliated companies, staff, suppliers, licensors and partners harmless from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of your use or misuse of the site, our services, or our adjacent web spaces, violation of these Terms, violation of the rights of any other person or entity, or any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by you herein. WERMZ reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnify us, and you agree to cooperate with our defence of these claims.

You acknowledge that WERMZ has no control over, does not endorse, and has no duty to take any action regarding: which users gain access to the site or its services, what materials you access via wermzrpg.com, what effects such materials may have on you, how you interpret or use such materials, or what actions you take as a result of having been exposed to such materials. Wermzrpg.com may contain links to websites containing content that some people may find inappropriate, harmful, or offensive. You release us from all liability for you having acquired or accessed such materials through this website.

TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW: Wermz and services provided through wermzrpg.com are provided “AS-IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without warranties of any kind either implied or expressed. WERMZ does not represent or warrant that all content or material on wermzrpg are complete, error-free, reliable, accurate, or current . You understand and agree that you obtain, view, access, or download any material or data through the use of wermzrpg.com at your own risk and that you will be solely responsible for any loss or damages that results from the download of such material or data. You assume the entire cost of any necessary servicing, repair, or correction.